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Proudly made by our Swiss experts from start to finish

Produced in Switzerland
powered by Blockchain

From sourcing to packaging, we leverage blockchain technology to ensure supply chain traceability and transparency

All natural & 100% organic

All our products are carefully grown following 
organic farming practices and standards

Cannabis plant, not Hemp

Our cannabinoids and terpenes are found naturally in the cannabis plant for maximum benefits

MCT oil and no vitamin E

MCT oil is a superfood with saturated fatty acid extracted from coconut oil.

Medical grade extraction

Our goal is to produce the purest and the most reliable products.
A medical grade equipment is used for the 
extraction process to ensure the cannabinoids produced are pure, potent and free of unwanted chemicals

Pure & potent

Only chemical free ingredients are used.
All formulations 
contain cannabis 
naturally grown in Switzerland only

Tested in Swiss labs

Every batch comes with a Certificate of Analysis verifying
the optimal Swiss quality of +CANN you received

Pure cannabinoids

Terpenes spectrum

No pesticides

No heavy metal

No vitamine E


Packaged & delivered with care

All +CANN products are delivered in food grade pods and recyclable packaging

Enjoy your +CANN

It’s time to start feeling better.
Your mind and body will thank you

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